My Name is Bruce Gets Limited Release

We’ve talked about it at length around here but it looks like it’s finally happening. Bruce Campbell’s My Name is Bruce is getting a release but don’t get too excited; it’s not a particularly wide one.

Dread Central has uncovered the touring dates and it’s not looking good for Canadian fans of The Chin – at this point, it doesn’t look like the film is opening North of the 49th. I wasn’t expecting a wide opening but I had hoped that maybe, just maybe, we’d get a chance to see the film locally but at this point, that doesn’t look like it’ll happen. Once again, we’ll be waiting for a DVD release.

For those who are interested, here are the screening. Mark your calendars!

  • October 26: Austin, TX — Black Curtain screening/premiere at the Alamo Drafthouse with Harry Knowles
  • Oct. 31-November 2: New York City
  • Nov. 5: Philadelphia, PA
  • Nov. 7: Boston, MA
  • Nov. 9: Hartford, CT
  • Nov. 12: New Haven, CT
  • Nov. 14: Baltimore, MD
  • Nov. 15: Washington DC
  • Nov. 19: Columbus, OH
  • Nov. 20: Toledo, OH
  • Nov. 21-23: Detroit, MI
  • Nov. 28-30: Chicago, IL
  • Dec. 3: Madison, WI
  • Dec. 5-7: Minneapolis, MN
  • Dec. 12: Seattle, WA
  • Dec. 13-14: Portland, OR
  • Dec. 15: Medford, OR
  • Dec. 17: San Francisco, CA
  • Dec. 18: Berkeley, CA
  • Dec. 19-21: Los Angeles, CA
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I'm really tired of the producers of this film jerking everyone around. I've been having to get my Bruce fix through 'Burn Notice', which, by the way, is a solid show on USA.


No dates for Vancouver, hell no dates for Canada at all. We canuckleheads cant even watch burn notice. sigh

I need a Bruce fix!