TIFF Line Up

PhotoCredit: TiffTalkI am now in the line for picking up my tickets. It looks like it is going to take just over an hour. Damn, I should have grabbed breakfast. There are a fair amount of people complaining but it seems to me that weare moving at a fair pace.

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Shannon the Movie Moxie

I was just there! Line was too long a wait for me as I’m daylighting today. Have fun in line!


Dang! I’ll have to get down there early Wednesday afternoon, so as to not to miss my 7pm show!


Waiting in lines in my life, I’ve met some of the most interesting people. If you’re next to a friendly someone, waiting in line can be a great time.

Mad Hatter

I have to second Jonathan’s point of meeting interesting people in the TIFF lines – since that’s where I met my fiancee!

(PS…How does one go about joining the cool kids on that “Other TIFF Sites sidebar?)