Lucky Day

It looks like I had a pretty lucky day on the TIFF front. First the draw came in with box #9. We had box 13 so only 4 boxes before ours when you don’t count the rich people who donated. I’m not going to get into the whole donation means you get priority thing, instead I’ll just say that only 4 boxes before ours was a pretty good thing because I just received an email from the TIFF people and I got every movie I selected. I don’t have to worry about having to pick movies again and I’m glad. It was quite a job to pick and line up the 40 that I did. I’m now in count down mode and its 2 more sleeps till I catch my flight to Toronto!

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Shannon the Movie Moxie

Congratulations for getting all of your picks!


That’s insane that you have such a nicely laid out schedule with all those films. Gaps for food and everything.