John’s Ticket Submission

Here are the list of movies that I’m submitting to the draw.

Zift       Thursday 04 –  6:00 PM    AMC 4    
Waltz with Bashir    Thursday 04 –  9:00 PM   RYERSON   
JCVD    Thursday 04 –  11:59 PM   RYERSON   
Sky Crawlers    Friday 05 –  12:00 PM   SCOTIABANK THEATRE 1   
Tony Manero    Friday 05 –  6:00 PM   AMC 5   
Sauna    Friday 05 –  8:45 PM   VARSITY 2   
Appaloosa    Saturday 06 –  9:00 AM   SCOTIABANK THEATRE 2   
Vinyan    Saturday 06 –  3:15 PM   SCOTIABANK THEATRE 2   
Flame & Citron    Saturday 06 –  6:00 PM   SCOTIABANK THEATRE 2   
Ghost    Saturday 06 –  8:30 PM   SCOTIABANK THEATRE 3   
Deadgirl    Saturday 06 –  11:59 PM   RYERSON   
Afterwards    Sunday 07 –  3:15 PM   SCOTIABANK THEATRE 2   
Slumdog Millionaire    Sunday 07 –  6:00 PM   RYERSON   
Gomorrah    Sunday 07 –  9:00 PM   SCOTIABANK THEATRE 2   
Not Quite Hollywood    Sunday 07 –  11:59 PM   RYERSON   
Real Time    Monday 08 –  12:45 PM   SCOTIABANK THEATRE 4   
Ashes of Time Redux    Monday 08 –  3:00 PM   RYERSON   
Hooked    Monday 08 –  9:30 PM   VARSITY 4   
Acolytes    Monday 08 –  11:59 PM   RYERSON   
Wrestler    Tuesday 09 –  12:00 PM   RYERSON   
Pontypool    Tuesday 09 –  4:30 PM   VARSITY 7   
Krabat    Tuesday 09 –  8:15 PM   VARSITY 3   
Burrowers    Tuesday 09 –  11:59 PM   RYERSON   
Tale 52    Wednesday 10 –  12:30 PM   SCOTIABANK THEATRE 4   
Plastic City    Wednesday 10 –  4:45 PM   ISABEL BADER THEATRE   
Revanche    Wednesday 10 –  9:30 PM   SCOTIABANK THEATRE 4   
Martyrs    Wednesday 10 –  11:59 PM   RYERSON   
Brothers Bloom    Thursday 11 –  12:00 PM   RYERSON   
Dungeon Masters    Thursday 11 –  3:15 PM   AMC 10   
Tokyo Sonata    Thursday 11 –  7:15 PM   ISABEL BADER THEATRE   
Eden Log    Thursday 11 –  11:59 PM   RYERSON   
What Doesn’t Kill You    Friday 12 –  12:45 PM   SCOTIABANK THEATRE 2   
Good    Friday 12 –  2:45 PM   SCOTIABANK THEATRE 1   
In the Shadow of the Naga    Friday 12 –  5:30 PM   AMC 7   
Public Enemy Number One (Part 1)    Friday 12 –  9:00 PM   RYERSON   
Sexykiller    Friday 12 –  11:59 PM   RYERSON   
RocknRolla    Saturday 13 –  2:45 PM   RYERSON   
Inju, la bête dans l’ombre    Saturday 13 –  6:45 PM   ISABEL BADER THEATRE   
Other Man    Saturday 13 –  9:30 PM   ISABEL BADER THEATRE   
Chocolate    Saturday 13 –  11:59 PM   RYERSON   
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Shannon the Movie Moxie

Oh, I think we will be having some overlap – yay! I’m going to wait until I get my picks back before getting to schedule-happy though.

Those actually seem nicely spaced out – rock on! I think I was a little crazier doing back to back to back with a few tight turnovers.

you get all your selections!


Me and you John, Rocknrolla!

seriously of your list I am seeing Rocknrolla, Public Enemy and the Wrestler at the same times… assuming we get even close to these seminal works of modern cinema.


nice selection of films there! alot of films are on my list as well (zift, waltz with bashir, tony manero, sauna, ashes of time… just to name a few).


Nothing says TIFF like having only 2 minutes to get from The Elgin to the Varsity by over scheduling screenings. I’ve never learned this lesson and continue to fail at doing this.

Wisely I don’t generally sched 9am screenings after the Midnight ones anymore..

Mad Hatter

Some solid choices on your pick-list…maybe I’ll run into you at one or more of these.

FYI, they pulled box #9 as the starting point for processing orders. What box was your envelope in?

Shannon the Movie Moxie

2 min from the Elgin to the Varsity? Are you going to fly? Good luck!

Yay John for being in box #13!


Subway, pick the right end of the car, trot under the station to the bay exit, in the theatre, jog the escalator, and hope that the film starts late. This has happened more than once, I’m almost always lucky.

I missed the first 5 minutes of American Movie in an Elgin/Uptown run some years ago, but usually I can count on screenings starting a few minutes late, and all the TIFF-crap they show before each screening. Doubly so if it is a premiere and the director/whathaveyou has to intro the film. Suprising how may times I’ve made it just as the house lights go down (a mini flashlight on the keychain is a must). I saw Dirty Pretty Things sitting on the stone step at Uptown once because nobody could actually find an empty seat. Mental note, bring small cushion for times like those.

Shannon the Movie Moxie

Wow, that’s pretty impressive!