Cinecast Episode 96 – Ya Know, for Grown-Ups


Episode 96:
In which we discuss: Transsiberian, Elegy, a new top 5, DVD picks and plenty of off-kilter tangents.

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Show notes for Cinecast Episode #96

  • Intro music: :00 – 2:44
  • Opening B.S.: :19 – 5:13
  • Andrew catches up with Man on Wire: 5:13 – 12:48
  • Transsiberian: 12:49 – 31:00
  • TIFF planning and next week’s show 31:01 – 33:18
  • Elegy: 33:19 – 45:44
  • Movies in limited release 45:45 – 47:23
  • Top 5 Ben Kingsley movies: 47:24 – 1:00:58
    – – exploring Kingsley and tangents on Sigourney Weaver, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and shit films
  • Kurt’s DVD pick: 1:06:50 – 1:19:41
    – – tangents on neo-noir/throwback films, Undertow
  • Andrew’s DVD pick: 1:19:42 – 1:29:16
    – – tangent on Vincent Cassell
  • Closing announcements/thoughts: 1:29:17 – 1:36:21
    – – Romancing the Stone
  • Outro music: 1:33:50 – 1:38:09

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“Glass Floor”
Alias and Tarsier

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Emily Mortimer
Emily Mortimer

Eduardo Noriega
Eduardo Noriega

Thomas Kretschmann
Thomas Kretschmann


Great Chemistry:
Penelope Cruz and Ben Kingsley

Row Three posts:
Andrew’s review

Top 5 Sir Ben Kingsley films (not including Gandhi):

Ben Kingsley

5) Sneakers
4) Schindler’s List
3) Death and the Maiden
2) Sexy Beast
1) Elegy

5) House of Sand and Fog
4) Suspect Zero
3) Without a Clue
2) Sexy Beast
1) Death and the Maiden

    The rarity of the slow-burn adult thriller:


The Lookout

DVD Picks for Tuesday, August 19th

Redbelt (IMDb)

Brotherhood of the Wolf
Brotherhood of the Wolf (director’s cut) (IMDb)

Vincent Cassel
Vincent Cassel

See Also – Blueberry, Sheitan, Irreversible, Birthday Girl, Eastern Promises, La Haine, L’Appartement.
TIFF film: L’ennemi public n° 1


Alfonso Arau
Alfonso Arau

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Marina Antunes

To clarify, neither of Coixet's previous English language films are perfect but there's a reason they've attracted the actors involved – namely excellent scripts. The one thing they both have in common are excellent performances. "My Life Without Me" is a surprisingly uplifting movie about death and yeah, it's rattled with cliches but it's well directed and the acting from Polley raises it well above average. "The Secret Life of Words" is much more depressing but it's a completely unexpected, emotionally charged film about people stuck on an oil rig of all things. Again, excellent performances from Polley and Roth.

Still no "Transsiberian" here. *sigh*


Look forward to the Soylent Green movie club talk, I just saw that film this year for the first time and I loved it.