Cinecast Episode 94 – 3 Weeks Later…


Episode 94:
In which we catch up on all sorts of movie talk including Pineapple Express and everything else we’ve seen in the past three weeks. Plus DVD picks and Joss Whedon talk. Sweet.

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Show notes for Cinecast Episode #94

  • Intro music: :00 – 3:57
  • Opening B.S.: :44 – 4:22
  • Pineapple Express: 4:23 – 37:53
  • The Wackness: 37:55 – 47:27
  • Vicki Christina Barcelona: 47:28 – 1:01:44
  • Hell Ride: 1:01:45 – 1:11:52
  • Man on Wire: 1:11:53 – 1:22:39
  • Joss Whedon talk: 1:22:41 – 1:26:31
  • DVD picks: 1:26:31 – 1:38:25
  • coming films Closing B.S.: 1:38:26 – 1:43:24
  • Outro music: 1:40:51 – 1:43:38

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Happy Birthday to Andrew:
(no he is not a father, but we hope he got his cake)

Pineapple Express

Row Three posts:
Andrew’s review
Red Band trailer:

Vicky Christina Barcelona

Row Three posts:
Kurt’s review
Oscar nominee, Penelope Cruz (aka “The Wife”):
Andrew\'s wife

Hell Ride

Row Three posts:
Andrew’s review

DVD Picks for Tuesday, August 12th

Andrew’s review

Brand Upon the Brain
Brand Upon the Brain

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Matt Gamble

When the sound is out of sync at a theater that means the print is bad and the soundtrack was incorrectly laid. It sucks when that happens, as you have to have a new print shipped out to run.

I'd agree with Kurt on Vicky Christina Barcelona. The voice over is pretty awful, yet gets less grating as the film goes along. Johansson is painfully outclassed in almost every scene. Clarkson is wasted. And Bardem and Cruz absolutely dominate the screen. Cruz gives the best performance, but Bardem is outstanding as well. He trips over his English so well you wouldn't realize that he is perfectly fluent. And I loved their arguments, they certainly felt like a couple with all the bumps and bruises that implies.


In the DVD world, I feel negligent for not mentioning that the remaining season (the fifth and final) of The Wire came out this week. It's a great way to finish up the show, albeit either the third or fourth season is the show at its absolute best.

Now that they are all out on DVD, I am quite envious of anyone able to watch the series in its entirety for the first time!

Shannon the Movie Mo

Happy Bday to Andrew!

I totally agree with Kurt about Man on Wire – it's a brillant film and everyone should see it. Go! Now!

Thanks so much for mentioning that The Brand Upon the Brain! Criteron has the multiple audio tracks. I don't usually shell out that kinda cash for a DVD but that easily make it worth it!

It's nice to hear the cinecast again!

I'm adding this line just to have one sentence that doesn't end in an exclamation mark.

Jay C.

James Franco's character is watching 227 and…not Xanadu….but KRULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jay C.

I really don't understand the issue with the action sequences in Pineapple Express. Am I the only person who felt it was more along the lines of the last act of Adaptation? I don't think the action is there for any other reason than to lampoon action. In fact, I think this film did it as good, if not better, than Hot Fuzz. Talk about an ending that goes on and on and on! (Again, with other motives)


I'm with you Jay. To be honest I don't have any complaints about the film, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Kurt Halfyard



The action sequences were fine. Reminiscent of the 1980s types of films that DGG was obviously homaging. Methinks folks are used to Paul Greengrass and Michael Bay, and don't recognize Martin Brest/Walter Hill stuff when they see it.


I'm with Andrew. The end of Adaptation is hilarious, constantly moving, and doing things to what we though were three dimensional characters. It has a subtext 'fuck you this is what people want' that is very subversive as well.

Pineapple Expresses ending is just celebrating and sort of mocking an action movie, and yes, there's no stakes, they want it to be like They Live in one way but without doing anything intense or knock down drag out, its not very interestingly shot, and it goes on for too long. It also wants to weave things together like in True Romance but it fails at it, hard, as its so sloppy and lazy. The action scene doesn't suck conceptually, it sucks because the execution is downright shitty.

As for the ending, I keep changing my mind about it. On one hand its appropriate, on the other hand I do see the obnoxious self congratulatory lets-make-the-case-for-the-movie side of it.

So I'd given it a 2/5 at the time, but after Tropic Thunder, I feel bad rating them the same. On the FilmJunk podcast, as much as I still disagree with Jay on some things, a good case was made for many other things and I will watch it again eventually – I mean even as it was the temptation for the always good extended Apatow family DVDs was still there. So its a temporary artificial bump to a 2.5/5 until I see it again.


Also, I see no reason Andrew wouldn't like Man On Wire – it doesnt follow the doc formula you usually get tired of (as much as I think you're "yeah I get it" method is fundamentally flawed) and is funnier and more dramatic than 99% of the movies from this year. its my current no. 1 of this year and I might catch it again before it hits DVD. Its more cinematic actually than Kurt gave it credit for and looks great on the big screen.