Middle of the Row Episode 7 – The Brood

The Brood

Here is Dave and John’s first podcast in the Cronenberg series. In this episode we delve into his 1979 horror movie The Brood.

Be warned that we are definitely going to be in spoiler territory for all these podcasts!

Have a listen to this much shorter podcast (25 minutes) and let us know what you think about both The Brood and also the podcast.

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Marina Antunes

Man, that's my favourite shot in the entire movie. Looking forward to the show!


Ditto, Marina! Somewhere in the big archive of Twitch Mastheads I made sure that one was in there!


Dave and I chatted a bit after and we really should have had some notes. We both mentioned the scene I took the shot from then but not during the show itself.

Yeah, I was kicking myself for not mentioning the above scene during the Pdocast. Easily my favorite image from the film.

Marina Antunes

I hand't seen the film until I had to write that paper and then in the span of 3 weeks, I must have seen it 15 times. Admittedly, there are a few things that initially bothered me which I've come overlook for the bigger picture at play but I clearly remember my aversion to the little girl whose blank stare just creeped me out, almost as if she was possessed the entire time. What bothered me more than anything else was Samantha Eggar's performance which I had a hard time buying into.

That said, I love the film. I love the way it's shot, love the basic idea of the story and I'm always amazed that even after repeat viewings, the gross factors are still gross. I don't think Cronenberg has ever made a film quite as personal as this one at it certainly feels very small.

Great show guys – look forward to the next one!