1. Kurt Halfyard says:

    Oi. What a strange One-Sheet. Ridiculously mis-selling the movie, methinks. And why would they use the Quote "The Retarded Good-Time Movie of the Year"? I'm not sure if that helps or hurts the movie. Goofy? Yes. Retarded? Nope. Maybe they just want the AICN seal of approval, but I'm betting that the majority of AICN readers would have Zero interest in this movie, favouring watching Batman Begins for the 15th time.

    It's a little low-budget silly horror comedy that definitely pushed my 'sweet' button, if for no reason other than that it keeps upping the 'see if you will laugh at this' bar.

    OK, I take it back. A girl twirling a bloody bra and a guy wielding an ax while barreling at 100 mph is kinda funny. And this movie is funny.

  2. Quiet Earth says:

    This poster is totally inaccurate, that said, this movie rocked! I have a signed copy of the original poster from Chlumski, the director Alex Orr, and others :) Oh yeah, we also did a radio interview with him.. I think he was high.

  3. Andrew James says:

    I think this was my favorite movie from TAD (next to Alone maybe). The poster is pretty great, but agree with Kurt on the tag line. Not very accurate. It's actually a fairly smart movie.

    And was that a shot at AICN readers? Harsh.



    But true.

  4. Kurt says:

    I perhaps judge AICN harshly by not it's readership (which is legion), but rather by it's Talkbackers which are a pretty uncouth lot for the most part.

    I like some of their reviewers, but does everything have to be bogged down so much? And Harry has loads of film knowledge, but in general, the most bogglingly worst taste in films, but you are never sure because so much seems to be bought and paid for there. I'll give him credit for the Blade II love though, even if his bodily-fluid-as-metaphor review is legendary in its poor sense of decorum.

  5. Rusty James says:

    Harry's ridiculous reviews and the talkbacks are internet legends. They are too be avoided by decent people but at the same time I wouldn't want to live in a world without them.

    Moriarty is a decent critic. I inparticular enjoyed his review of Pirates 3.

  6. Marina Antunes says:

    "we also did a radio interview with him.. I think he was high." This made me laugh as much as the poster!


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