Cinecast Episode 88 – Strangers and Old Friends


This Episode:
Serena Whitney from adds some life to the show and chimes in on The Strangers review (that does get a bit SPOILERIFIC). Also a brief discussion on where the horror genre is and where it’s going. And like a good girl, Serena gives her thoughts on Sex and the City. Also some DVD choices and other nuggets…

Unwrap the complete Show Notes (fairly image and trailer heavy this episode)…

Show notes for Cinecast Episode #88

  • Intro music: :00 – 4:34
  • Hello/Intros: :30 – 1:52
  • Recent viewings: 1:53 – 21:12
  • The Strangers 21:14 – 1:12:33
  • Horror films tangent: 1:12:34 – 1:21:38
  • DVD picks: 1:21:40 – 1:34:55
  • Sex and the City 1:34:56 – 1:47:29
  • Closing: 1:47:30 – 1:47:59
  • Outro music: 1:45:15 – 1:48:55

Bumper Music by “Portishead” and “Brad”

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hey guys, i'm still yet to listen to last week's show due to not yet having seen indy 4…..would one of you guys let me know if there's any follow up indy talk that contains spoilers on this weeks show please? thanks.

Kurt Halfyard

No Indy talk on this show. We got it entirely out of our system. Very heavy spoilers on THE STRANGERS, and mild to middling spoilers in Serena's SEX IN THE CITY rant.

**BIG TIME SPOILERS** in SAVAGE GRACE, (in the opening moments of the show (oh, I see Andrew didn't put time indices, so if you don't want those spoilers, then skip to about the 18 minute mark… So you've been warned there.


Marina Antunes

Yey for the female voice! Hi Serena!

On The Strangers discussion – I think you guys pretty much nailed everything I liked and had problems with in the film but overall, I was really satisfied with it and am looking forward to checking it out with the spousal unit down the road. It'll be interesting to see if it does (or doesn't) hold up on second viewing.

And I also didn't care much for the opening with the voice over. That said, I can't seem to find anything which says who did that intro but I'm willing to put money on it that it was Laurence Fishburne.

Back to the work but I'm looking forward to the Sex in the City talk. I'm sure I'll be back with thoughts on that.

Rusty James

Serena added a lot to this.

Andrew James

Agreed. Very agreed.


Hey guys,

I had a blast doing this podcast! Hope to do it again! 🙂

Marina Antunes

I never saw Sex in the City in its original run and the few re-runs I have seen of it didn't really get me so interested in the show that I had to catch up on it. And to be honest, if I'm going to watch women rub me the wrong way, I'd rather watch "The Hills". At least that show has drama worth laughing at.

Great show guys!


Kurt: Just checked out Boarding Gate. Have you seen it yet? AWESOME movie. My favorite of '08 (thus far).

Kurt Halfyard

NO I haven't caught up with Boarding Gate yet (and shame on me, I'm a big Assayas fan!). Time to go Shopping for that one.