Delpy’s The Countess Teaser Trailer

The Countess Movie Poster (small)Earlier in the year I posted the first poster for Julie Delpy’s upcoming project The Countess in which she is starring as well as directing and writing, a dramatic adaptation of the life of Elizabeth Báthory, the 16th-century Hungarian countess who killed virgins and bathed in their blood in an effort to keep herself young. Also starring in the film are William Hurt, Daniel Brühl best knowing for his turn in the fabulous Goodbye Lenin! and Anamaria Marinca who a few may recognize from her fantastic turn in last year’s 4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days (our review).

Delpy has long been one of my favourite actresses most notably for her intelligence and talent which she displays at every turn but this particular film has me more excited than nearly any other currently in the works. It’s currently scheduled for a 2009 release and thanks to the folks at Dread Central for the pointer, we have for you the very first teaser for the film.

It doesn’t show much but we do get to see the actors in character and I’m impressed. Delpy’s pale skin helps to create the look I had expected reading various accounts of the famed Countess and Hurt looks the part of György Thurzó, the Palatine of Hungary who was assigned to investigate the accusations laid against Báthory.

Hopefully we’ll get a full length trailer later this year but for the time being, I’m quite happy with this appetite teaser.

Teaser is tucked under the seat!

The Countess Teaser

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Good choice in temp track music. The village soundtrack works great. But you're right- there's not enough here to give you any sense of the film.

But I'm not worried. Delpy's amazing and her cast is even better. I'm just curious how far they'll delve into "Countess Dracula" without horrifying audiences and creating an unsympathetic monster out of Delpy.

Too bad it's so far off- I'm in need of interesting new cinema…


C'est vrai qu'on attend la petite julie au tournant,car comment évoquer Bathory aprés Hostel 2 sana tomber dans le gore et le sexe,bon courage etmerci pour notre curiosité…


hey, when does it come into the cinema in the uk? or do i have to buy it on dvd? im dying to watch it 😀