Cinecast 86 – It Ain’t Easy Being So Right


This Episode:
SPOILER review of Red Belt, My Blueberry Nights, DVD picks and more…

Unwrap the complete Show Notes…

Show notes for Cinecast Episode #86

  • Intro music: :00 – 2:24
  • Hellos and The Bank Job: :20 – 5:19
  • In-house items: 5:20 – 7:51
  • Redbelt (SPOILER) review: 7:52 – 58:26
  • My Blueberry Nights: 58:27 – 1:37:24
  • DVDs? Not Really + specialty theaters and pre-Indy talk: 1:37:25 – 1:49:42
  • Closing rambling: 1:49:44 – 1:52:33
  • Outro music: 1:50:44 – 1:53:38

Bumper Music by “Yumeji” and “Norah Jones”

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This week:
The Ice Storm (IMDb)
C.R.A.Z.Y. (IMDb)


Row Three review

My Blueberry Nights:

RowThree review (John Allison)

DVD Picks for Tuesday, May 13th

Master and Commander – out now on Blu-ray

Indiana Jones Boxset
Indiana Jones Boxset

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Just hearing the opening music from In the Mood For Love, I gotta say, Kurt, are you sure that was the song played in My Blueberry Nights?


ok maybe you are right but I could have swore it was music from Kill Bill.

Will definately need to pick up the soundtrack to My Blueberry Nights:

1. The Story – Norah Jones

2. Living Proof – Cat Power

3. Ely Nevada – Ry Cooder

4. Try a Little Tenderness – Otis Redding

5. Looking Back – Ruth Brown

6. Long Ride – Ry Cooder, My Good Eye

7. Eyes on the Prize – Mavis Staples

8. Yumeji's Theme (Harmonica Version) – Chikara Tsuzuki, Shigeru Umebayashi

9. Skipping Stone – Amos Lee

10. Bus Ride – Ry Cooder

11. Harvest Moon – Cassandra Wilson

12. Devil's Highway – Hello Stranger

13. Pajaros – Gustavo Santaolalla

14. The Greatest – Cat Power

The Harvest Moon cover is awesome

Kurt Halfyard

Probably should have mentioned that Coppola's YOUTH WITHOUT YOUTH comes out today on DVD. I missed it in the theatres, but am interested in catching up with it on DVD, not the least of which is that Coppola has Tim Roth and Bruno Ganz to work with.


I am going to catch My Blueberry Nights again, and take the wife as some kind of balance for my bullshit and see if maybe I am wrong about it.

and I will wait for your recommendation of Youth without Youth before renting it myself… love the premise but the stink on it is palpable.

Kurt Halfyard

Meta-wankery (to me anyway) – I really wonder what David Mamet's opinion is on BF

<img src=&quotcomment image" alt="" title="fink-redbelt" />

Shannon the Movie Mo

It's funny, I don't remember hearing Yumeji’s Theme during My Blueberry Nights, but I remember seeing the song go by in the credits.

What a fantastic film…. on of my faves of the year so far.

Kurt Halfyard

Yumeji's Theme (itself borrowed from a Seijun Suzuki film before IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE used it so ironically) in My Blueberry Nights is slowed down very very much, and a harmonica (I think) is laid over to boot. the notes are the same though, I took me a while to key into it although part of my brain immediately recognized it.


Shannon – Was it the story, characters, narration of tone that sold you with My Blueberry Nights?

For me it was the perfect cocktail of acting, emotional tone and visual aesthetic. The usual for wkw actually.