Middle of the Row Episode 6 – Caine and O’Toole

This Episode:
Dave and John each pick an actor they like and go over 5 (6 in the case of John since he can’t count) movies. John’s pick for an actor is Michael Caine and Dave’s pick is Peter O’Toole. Let us know if you enjoy the show and if you like the clips being included. Its a fair amount of extra work to add them in but if people are listening and enjoying them then we’ll see about having a clip for each movie. Thats only if we hear the people really enjoy them.

Unwrap the complete Show Notes…

Show notes for Middle of the Row Episode 5

Two Actors we enjoy:

As a side note John really needs to rethink his stance on not liking comedies because there are a lot of comedies he does like.


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Kurt Halfyard

Suggestions (some of my favourites in no particular order):

Jodie Foster

Nicole Kidman

Ida Lupino

Maggie Cheung

Katrin Cartlidge

Chloë Sevigny

Julianne Moore

Jennifer Connelly

Janet Leigh

Pei Pei Cheng

Naomi Watts

Christine Baranski

Judy Davis

Julie Christie

Kathleen Turner

Sigourney Weaver

Audrey Tatou

Jeanne Moreau

Sophia Loren

Catherine Deneuve

Charlotte Rampling


Sarah Polly, Naomi Watts, Audrey Tatou got my vote.

Kim Novak if your choice can be a dead actress.


ohh and Francis MacDormant (probably spelt it wrong, but you know! Fargo, Miss Pettigrew…)

Kurt Halfyard

O Toole made a real impact in Ratatouille as well. One of the best voice-performances in quite some time…

Andrew James

Laura Linney is one of my newest heroines. John Adams mini-series on HBO is fab fab.