Who is Your Favorite New Line?

NewLine LogoWith New Line Cinema recently being folded into its parent corporation and its founders being put to pasture after 40 years of running the company (!), I thought I’d offer out the question of what the row three folks favourite New Line offering is. But that may be putting the cart before the horse. Do folks out there pay attention to studio logos at the front of their films? (I’m asking you). In the early 1990s, seeing the Miramax logo pop up often meant something, same with the early 2000s with Lionsgate. I still get a warm and fuzzy feeling when I see the Focus Features logo, and lately Paramount Vantage has rocked, but I get cold and uncomfortable (usually) upon seeing many Sony Screen Gems features.

Anyway, New Line seemed to be all over the place in their projects. Certainly their early claim to fame was the Nightmare on Elm Street films then the Austin Powers franchise before culminating with the Lord of the Rings Trilogy where it made history in terms of how to shoot expensive blockbusters, how to film a large book or series, how to keep putting out Special Editions (OK, that trick was taken from George Lucas) and ultimately how to get everyone on your back through bad accounting and dirty pool.

But I digress. New Line may not have exactly been high brow as studios go, but they were more or less independent and autonomous for most of their 40 year life. The studio spanned the range from John Waters scat-spliotation to the Pleasantville; Evil Dead to Glengarry Glen Ross; The Hidden to The New World; and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Boogie Nights (and lets not forget the glorious Critters franchise!).

Here are three of my favorites:

Dark City
Dark City Still

Birth Still

Magnolia Still

Kurt Halfyard
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