Sukiyaki Western Django One Sheets

Sukiyaki Western Django One Sheet

Now that is how you make a One Sheet. I certainly wouldn’t mind having that hanging up on my wall, and it is given here at full resolution, because hey, it goes with our colour palette so nicely. For those not aware, the film is Takashi Miike‘s pastiche of Western, Samurai, Spaghetti and, well, Sukiyaki genres all blended into a cultural appropriation miasma. I caught it at TIFF and it is good fun too.

Don’t sweat the ‘above the line’ acting credit of Quentin Tarantino, his mug is only in the film for 2% of the runtime, but since these posters are aimed at western audiences (specifically the UK), he is likely above the line to sell the product. The rest of the One Sheets are over IGN (via Twitch)

Kurt Halfyard
Resident culture snob.