Movie Club Podcast #5 – Cannibal Holocaust + Freddie Got Fingered

Movie Club Podcast #5There is no Cinecast from the Third Row this week because Andrew and myself joined fellow Third Row sitter Marina Antunes as well as Film Junk‘s Sean Dwyer and The Documentary Blog‘s Jay Cheel for our monthly MOVIE CLUB discussion. On this episode we get to the meat (daddy would you like some sausage?) of the matter with the misunderstood grindhouse classic Cannibal Holocaust and make some interesting comparisons to Tom Green‘s much maligned Freddie Got Fingered. Despite the non-entertaining nature of the films up for discussion, this may be our best Movie Club Podcast yet.

Details and podcast download (or stream with the widget) over at the Movie Club Podcast website.

If you are keen to plan for episode #6 (which will appear some time in late March) we are trying to climb out of the exploitation basement transitioning from Russ Meyer’s mammary spectacular Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill! to the debut film of cult Canadian director Bruce MacDonald, the rock ‘n road female empowerment gem Roadkill. And be sure to vote on the sidebar poll for what films to do for episode #7.

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I can totally see Freddy Got Fingered from the perspective of it being performance art, and in fact I like these sort of ventures when they are more than just 'because I can' exercises. I was never a big fan of Andy Kaufmann, but I think Lars Von Trier is an example of a performance artist whose films are just as much about the construction of the artifice as it is about what is being discussed in the story proper, and does it well. The spirit of his films are acknowledged in 'the Five Obstructions', this premise that great art can come from obstructions that make you challenge yourself more than you would without them.

Also, Kurt, you mentioned Van Sant's Psycho, and I would definately add that to the list of great performance art.