US Indiana Jones Trailer Censored

Chances are that by now, you’ve seen the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Trailer trailer at least once (if not more) but I bet most folks wouldn’t know that the US trailer, which most of us have seen, is censored. Yes, you read right: Censored.

The discovery comes care of JBM at Cineblog and though it’s a pretty small difference, it is pretty obvious. Check it out:

Indie Trailer Censor

I can just imagine the conversation between the MPAA and Spielberg:

MPAA: Steven, you have too many guns in that clip.
Steven: Too many guns? What are you talking about?
MPAA: For a General Audiences rating, you can only have one gun and it can’t be pointed directly at Indy.
Steven: Fine. You helped me out on “Transformers” so I’ll take out the guns. But I’m keeping them in for the international cut of the trailer.
MPAA: Fine. We don’t care. Just take them out of the trailer that our kids are going to see.

Or something equally as lame. If you want to check out the difference for yourself, you can do so behind the cut.

US Trailer:

Portuguese Trailer:

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Actually Michael Bay said on the FilmJunk podcast that the whole transformers rating debacle came from some idiot mixing up the films Shia Lebouf were talking about. Apparently Disturbia was the film that originally got an R, not Transformers.


It's completely ridiculous, but most censorship is.

Andrew James

Totally lame. Though this is the same guy who took the guns out of ET and replaced them with walkie-talkies for the special edition DVD.


Interesting. I have to wonder if speilberg didn't do it himself though. For instance, he went back and edited the guns out of the scene in ET where Elliot flies over the cops.