First Pic of Delpy’s Countess

Ever since reading Andrei Codrescu’s “The Blood Countess” in my teens, I’ve been fascinated by Elizabeth Bathory, a 16th-century Hungarian countess who, apparently, killed virgins and bathed in their blood in an effort to keep herself young.

I was particularly excited when it was announced last year that Julie Delpy would star in and direct a film version of Bathory’s story titled The Countess and co-starring Radha Mitchell, William Hurt and Vincent Gallo.

I hadn’t heard much of the production for a few months until today when I spotted this fantastic poster for the film over at Film Experience and I got excited about it all over again. Note that Ethan Hawke is still listed below but he dropped out of the production months ago.

Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!

The Countess Movie Poster