D-Day on the Cheap

I‘ve talked about it enough but just in case, I love The Matrix. That movie hit my magical sweet spot of eye candy/story mix and over the years, I’ve become fascinated by the “how’d they do that?” factor. I don’t always make the effort to find out but sometimes, I see something that blows me away and this is one of those things.

Dale has brought my attention to a short video clip of three graphic designers and how they managed to recreate D-Day on a tiny budget for an episode of the BBC history show Timewatch.

These guys are obviously experts but it gives hope to productions with little/no budgets. With enough creativity and perseverance, you too can make Saving Private Ryan with a few friends and a few thousand dollars.

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Andrew James

Holy crap. That's pretty damn impressive for just four guys in four days. I'd like to see the final product all edited together and see how well it flows as a whole.

Marina Antunes

I thought it was pretty mind blowing.


Sky Captain immediately came to mind when I saw this clip. It's somewhat different, because it was entirely, or almost entirely, green screen. This is much more an amalgam of reality and effects.

Like Marina, I'm excited about the new creative talent who will get a chance to share their stories thanks to lower cost of production. And maybe a few more good/riskier scifi/fantasy/cast-of-thousands-epic movies will get made by the bigs because of the lower costs.

An aside: Bonus marks for anyone who can name the homage/gag reference with the horse running on the beach with the french horn music. 🙂