New B.C. Posters

Besides Independence Day (a guilty pleasure of mine), I’m not a big fan at all of Roland Emmerich’s work. I loathe Day After Tomorrow and Godzilla. Still, for some reason I’ve been drawn to the story of 10,000 B.C. with its wooly mammoths, sabre-tooth tigers and spear hunting cave-men like a moth to a flame. Something about it looks totally ass-kicking. Sort of a slicker, bigger-bang version of Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto. I guess we’ll see though.

from worstpreviews:

The story follows a young hunter (Steven Strait) on his quest to lead an army across a vast desert, battling saber tooth tigers and prehistoric predators as he unearths a lost civilization and attempts to rescue the woman he loves (Camilla Belle) from an evil warlord determined to possess her.

Anyway, Warner Bros. released a few new posters for their marketing campaign today. While I’m no art critic, but these new posters are colorful and bright, convey a sense of action; plus I’m all about man vs. beast… very LARGE beasts at that. So have a look at the posters; the trailer is below the fold…

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