Middle of the Row Episode 2 – My 2007 Top 10 and the Globes

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I ramble on a bit about my top 10 list from last year, movies that almost made it on the list and my picks for a few of the the Golden Globes awards.

Here is my top 10 movies from 2007

10 The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
9 Nightmare Detective
8 Michael Clayton
7 The Host
6 No Country for Old Men
5 Gone Baby Gone
4 Fido
3 Black Snake Moan
2 Exiled
1 Paprika

Open and Closing Music: Nigeru Mono and Parade (instrumental) from the Paprika soundtrack.

I tried doing this podcast in one sitting with very few cuts or clean ups. Feel free to let me know if you think its better or worse than previous podcast and as always any general comments are greatly appreciated.

Sorry if I haven’t gotten back to you if you sent me an email about joining in on the podcast. I’ve been swamped with stuff due to holidays and a new job at work. I should be getting in touch with your shortly.

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Marina Antunes

Good show John and I particularly love the opening and closing music which made me turn up the volume on mp3 player!

And I'm particularly impressed by your Globe predictions. Good job!

Kurt Halfyard

Yea, I love that Paprika opening credits sequence, it bring a gigantic smile to my face. Anime, yet so much more than just anime.

Marina Antunes

Ah yes. And $50 buys a lot of DVDs! 🙂

Marina Antunes

Oh and I nearly forgot. I also enjoyed the "Sleuth" remake.