Middle of the Row Episode 1 – The Cop Out Trailer Show

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I ramble on a bit about the origins of Row Three, where the domain name came from and then I look at some of the early 2008 movies.

Here are a few of the movies that I cover:

I hope the longer show works well. I didn’t go too overboard, but with all the trailers it ended up passing the 35 minute mark.

I really encourage any criticisms and comments that you have about the podcast. I’m still learning how to do a podcast. I am also on the look out for someone with free time, a microphone and a willingness to spend some time chatting about movies approximately once a week to join me on the show. If you are possibly interested feel free to send an email to john@rowthree.com and we can chat offline about the possibility.

Oh and one final question… can someone please tell me why Google thinks I speak Spanish?

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Andrew James

I think the trailers are cool. They could be edited down a bit though. Sometimes it's a lot of music and sounds, but you have no idea what's going on.

As for Orphanage, I agree that it looks good and although I'm seeing a sneak peak on Dec 27th, I'm going to consider it a 2008 film as well.

Vantage Point looks like a really interesting idea, can't wait to see how Jack, er I mean Matthew Fox handles the movie mayhem.

POSTAL! Ha! The trailer is hilarious. Uwe Boll has maybe finally made something good?

And finally, we're watching the original Funny Games for next month's movie club, so I'm psyched about that as I haven't seen it yet.

good show man. Talking by yourself is hard. I know, I've done it. Busy today, but I'll write more later.


The one reason I'm interested in Stop Loss: Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The kid has talent well beyond his years.

Matt Gamble

The Orphanage is Spain's official submission for the 2007 Academy Awards. Suck it up and deal.

Kurt Halfyard

Hehe. I've seen The Orphanage and it is a solid thriller. Nothing new or earth shattering, just very, very well made, classy production design and acting, and thankfully highly entertaining and effective .

Matt Gamble

Pffft, I've seen it twice.

I must say it was much more entertaining watching it with a full house then with half a dozen critics. Surprisingly as effective the second time around as well.


"Nothing new or earth shattering, just very, very well made, classy production design and acting, and thankfully highly entertaining and effective ."

So it's like Jaws and Raiders of the lost ark and should be a shoo-in for the oscars.

Marina Antunes

Wooooweeee! Finallyl got around to listening to the show and a few comments:

I'm jealous at all you folks that have already seen "The Orphanage". It's high on my list of things to watch for in the new year.

Vantage Point – for some reason, I was under the impression that this was coming before the new year but I'm happy to see it's still on the schedule. Like you, I think it has potential and with that cast, it certainly appears to have a leg up on a few of the other flicks coming out in the early year.

Postal and Funny Games – neither of these can come soon enough!

Stop Loss – only interested because of JG-L otherwise, this project looks like it's going to be a waste. I don't think it looks particularly good.

Forbidden Kingdom – not so keen on this one. I have hopes it'll be OK but I'm not holding my breath.

Good show!