Cinecast Episode 70 – It’s About to Go Off

this episode:
There Will Be Blood, Fred Claus, Awake, Hot Fuzz (revisited), The Wild Bunch, Don’t Look Now, Top 5 list, DVD picks and tangents.

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Show notes for Cinecast Episode #70

  • Intro music: :00 – 2:18
  • Opening remarks: :11 – 4:49
  • Listener feedback: 4:50 – 16:33
  • There Will Be Blood: 16:34 – 31:17
  • Fred Claus: 31:18 – 36:11
  • Awake: 36:13 – 49:49
  • Hot Fuzz (revisited): 49:50 – 58:06
  • The Wild Bunch: 58:07 – 1:16:10
  • Don’t Look Now: 1:16:11 – 1:24:57
  • Kurt’s Top 5: 1:24:58 – 1:49:47
  • DVD picks: 1:49:48 – 2:07:31
  • KBT screener/Closing remarks: 2:07:32 – 2:12:52
  • Outro music: 2:07:32 – 2:12:52

Bumper Music by “April Stevens” and “William Shatner”

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Movies we saw this week:

There Will Be Blood:

Andrew’s review

Fred Claus:

The good trailer (original):

The bad trailer (watch for Kevin Spacey):


Andrew’s review

Lena Olin (age 52):


The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Hot Fuzz:

The Wild Bunch:

IMDb profile here

Kurt’s Top 5:

La Jetée is the classic short that inspired Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys:

DVD Picks of the Week:

ANDREW – Superbad:

Andrew’s review

KURT – Exiled:

Kurt’s review



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oh my god, I almost erased from my memory the cinematic turd that was De Palma's Mission to Mars. I remember that in the theater I saw it in everyone was laughing at the creaky dialogue and attempts at pathos. oh so horrible, thats it, I am done with De Palma, I would have never went into Redacted had I remembered he made that film. Just on principle.

John Allison

Damn I have to start taking notes during the cinecast. I usually listen to it over a few walks to and from work and I always think of things I want to mention but by the time I'm at a computer they are gone.

Just to make you happy Kurt, I'm picking up Don't Look Now, and The Trial tonight from the library plus I've also put a request in for Seconds. Unfortunately they don't have The Mind Benders or Carnival of Souls.

I'm also grabbing Perfect Blue tonight and I've got a request for Hard Eight and Taking of Pelham One Two Three.

John Allison

Ah I just remembered one thing. I really recommend watching The Mission also before watching Exiled if you can track it down. In some ways Exiled is a sequel but not really.

Its all about how the group gets together. It has a great scene where the "team" is waiting to meet the boss and they start kicking this ball of paper back and forth. During it you can actually see them come together as a team as opposed to separate individuals.

John Allison

Its been a while but so I can't argue with you Kurt about the Wild Bunch. I do remember I really enjoyed it but since its been so long I'll have to revisit it before I do.


You did better than me Kurt, I couldn't even get to the final gun battle in The Wild Bunch, the middle section just bored me to tears. I thought there was a lot of potential in the first twenty minutes or so but, yeah, something wasn't there. I have not seen the Magnificent Seven but my library has it here so it is a matter of time.

I am still determined to buy a quality version of The Searchers, which I still consider the best Western out there.

Kurt Halfyard

The Mission is hailed by many as one of the brightest lights in Hong Kong Action cinema. I'm embarrassed to say that I've not caught up with that one yet.

John Allison

I can't think of a better movie than The Mission for showing a team of separate individuals coming together as a team. When I first heard about Exiled I decided to track down The Mission at the same time. I watched them back to back which was great but a bit confusing due to the way they don't fully seem to mesh together.


Kurt – you mentioned Roeg's earlier film, Walkabout, did you get a chance to see it? I watched it as part of the the first 100 Criterion Collection countdown, and was really surprised at its avant-garde qualities. Sounds in keeping with Don't Look Now. There too is explicit sexuality, and an unabashed depiction of the baser elements of life, all carried out in this somewhat psychedelic seventies manner. It was one of those films that I threw on at a moment of exhaustion, half expecting to turn it off after twenty minutes and it carried me through the whole film transfixed.

Kurt Halfyard

Walkabout has been on my to watch list for some time, I like David Gulpilil who is the go-to aborigine actor for austrialian Cinema since the the early 1970s (i.e. Walkabout!).

I went thru a big aussie film craze about 10 years ago, and hit almost all of the biggies (Picnic at Hanging Rock, Romper Stomper, The Last Wave, Gallipoli, Mad Max, Dead Calm, etc.) somehow I missed Walkabout at the time!

I've seen a lot of Roeg's cinematography work, Masque of the Red Death and Truffaut's Fahrenheit 451 (which also stars Julie Christie and convinced her to star in Don't Look Now)

Kurt Halfyard

Mike: How'd you do with your 100 Criterions? I know I dropped out of the running too soon, it was such a great and fun project/viewing-experiment!


I'm guessing I have about ten left… some Powell and Pressburger films which I can anticipate I will not enjoy, and oh boy, another De Palma (Sisters).

Did you mention Carnival of Souls on a previous cinecast? I have that left to see as well.


On the topic of Lena Olin in 'Unbearable Lightness of Being'… a film which was ok but the book was far superior… I have to say she defines sexy in that film. I would be interested to hear of any other exemplars, but I just know for me her presence in that film is burned into my memorybank. Granted she is naked for a lot of the film, but she has a real fire in her performance/character that is equally attractive.

Kurt Halfyard

Carnival of Souls, Episode #66 – link in Show Notes Above.


thats freaky, I hadn't even listened far enough into this cinecast to realize you talk about Carnival here.

Marina Antunes

I'm still not convinced about "Fred Claus" and to be honest, I'd already forgotten this had been made. At least it won't leave a bad streak with me and any of the actors.

TWBB – with Kurt on this one. Even if the reviews were all awful and it had a 0% rating on RT, I'd still want to see it. I'm guessing I'll have to wait until January to see it but it can't come soon enough.

Thanks for the list of flicks to see. I've never seen any of those but I'm looking forward to catching up with all of them, particularly "Don't Look Now".

Colleen's going to have a fit at this but as much as I liked "Hot Fuzz" and "Shaun of the Dead", neither of those are films I'll watch again. I saw HF twice and though I laugh every time, there's only so much I can handle and something about the comedy gets old for me really quickly. I know, it's blasphemous but for me, it happens to be the truth. That said, I'm sure I'll be able to revisit either of those in a few years and laugh and enjoy them again but they don't have that re-watch value for me.

As for "Walkabout", I'd never even heard of that film until I saw 10 minutes of it in film class and was instantly drawn in. I've added it to my Zip list. It'll get here eventually.

By the Power of Greyskull! Great show guys!


saw Golden Compass

cutting and pasting my Flixster review:

it didnt ’suck’ or disappoint in the way movies normally do. Its a simple matter of editing and being rushed. Theres so much going on in the story that they basically laid down the framework and put people jumping from here to there without really letting people know why they should care, and not allowing people to feel tension or a build.

I get the feeling that in order to make money and play more times they cut this movie down significantly. What’s on screen – the acting, the look, casting, etc – I didn’t really have any problem with – it seems a clear cut case to me of something playing at 2 hours that should actually be 3 – this movie felt like it was an hour long and it was just shy of 2. I would look forward to an extended version on DVD but otherwise its not much worth the time, and if they don’t intend on fleshing things out more sequels aren’t warranted.

I actually had the same feeling the first time i saw Fellowship of the Ring – it wasnt until the extended edition that I actually gave a shit about anything I was watching or any of the characters, even if it was otherwise technically proficient.

Im sure I have some of the bias of having read the book first that allows forgiveness in some areas and harshness in others, to the point I have no idea what I’d think of this just walking in with no knowledge. I dont know if others would be confused by the story, or find it laughable by the way things were rushed or unexplained, or understand why the ending seems so abrupt.

So I don’t really feel much of anything after seeing the whole thing. Not angry, not upset – there was potential wasted, and again there is certainly strong evidence that theres an extended version coming on DVD to do actual justice to the story. Until then its pretty much out of my mind.

I actually saw Margot at the Wedding earlier the same day. Two bitchy Kidman movies in less than 24 hours. Margot I liked quite a bit more, but neither really stick with you long after you watch them.

Kurt Halfyard

Look, Rob Zombie is excited to listen to our latest Movie Club Podcast (coming next week), just check out this recent picture:

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