Cinecast Episode 69 – Play Misty for Me

this episode:
Enchanted, The Mist, DVD picks and tangents.
WARNING: Our review of The Mist does get a little spoilerific, this was unintentional, but unavoidable in picking the film apart.

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Show notes for Cinecast Episode #69

  • Intro music: :00 – 2:11
  • Opening remarks: :20 – 3:54
  • Enchanted: 3:55 – 19:59
  • The Mist: 20:00 – 1:08:49
  • DVD picks: 1:08:50 – 1:21:13
  • Films this weekend (next week’s show): 1:21:14 – 1:25:18
  • Closing remarks: 1:25:19 – 1:31:42
  • Outro music: 1:30:46 – 1:32:31

Bumper Music by “Johnny Horton” and “Miller’s Crossing Soundtrack”

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William “Bill” Sadler

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well, if the role of Mary Poppins can win best actress, I'd have to think that Amy Adams' at least has a Golden Globe for best comedy/musical actress in the bag.

One of the main reasons Mirren was such a lock last year wasnt just that the performance was great, it was that it was one of only a few actual starring roles within the nominees. When I look at this year, there really wasn't that many female roles with enough focus to really get people behind. Amy Adams is only one of a few extremely critically raved performances, and I think that even though Enchanted is not the best movie of the year, its one of the most recommendable, and in my case one of the ones I'm most enthusiastic about. I think most of the critics feel the same way about Adams here, and the public support behind it, and the fact that this movie is going to make a shitload of money, could give it a very very good chance at a nomination.


I can't download your podcast. The RSS feed link doesn't work and when I try to download from the website directly I get an error message that the internet site is unavailable????


Andrew has the source file, hopefully he'll upload/fix/etc. the link after our little crash this morning.

Matt Gamble

The Mist was in the Skeleton Crew ya plebeians! Gawd!


Kurt, I can appreciate your pre-disposition to not wanting to see "Enchanted" and even impressed that you're not hiding it but dude, you should really give it a chance because it's much better than anyone could have anticipated. And beyond Adams' performance, though she's definitely the thing that bring this all together, I really like this script. Sure, the story picks up bits from loads of other films but it doesn't bash any of it over the head. It's all just sort of there. And rather surprisingly, this isn't your typical classic Disney princess in distress. She may start off as one but there's a clear shift in her character as the film progresses and by the end, though she does fall in love and it's suggested that she lives happily ever after, she also starts a business. It's much more thought than I'd give the movie after viewing it but I do think it's a very, very worthy return for Disney. I just hope they can keep it up. And yes, I share your feelings of their shameless marketing.

Still not sold on "The Mist" and considering I have no plans to see it this weekend, I doubt I'll get around to it on the big screen though I am interested, particularly in the ending.

I'm excited to finally see "Waitress". I can't believe I managed to miss this one completely. As for "Outland", it's not one I've seen though it sounds like something that will definitely appeal to me, but I did like another sci-fi flick Connery did a few years before that – "Zardoz". It's been years since I've seen it but I do remember enjoying it. May be time to revisit that.

And I feel your pain with "Funny Games". Zip shipped me a copy that arrive yesterday but it's cracked right down the middle and completely unwatchable. *sigh* I guess it wasn't meant to be for this weekend.

Kurt Halfyard

heh. Matt. That's why Andrew and I should be more rigorous in our pre-show research! Lost my enthusiasm for S.King back 15+ years ago and details have long ago been flaking off the wall of my brain.

In terms of King's supernatural type film adaptations, actually John Carpenter directed the best story that King never wrote, "Into the Mouth of Madness" with Sam Neil, but I digress.

Kurt Halfyard

Outland is indeed a hoot. Quality Cinema, well nope, but it is great genre-mashing trash!

Matt Gamble

I was in the same boat as you two. I hadn't read The Mist in at least 15 years and knew that they had taken some rather large liberties with the story. I just figured you two were as anal retentive as me and scoured the Net trying to figure out what they changed and which compilation it was in.

Stay strong on Enchanted. Don't let them trick you into watching it.

Kurt Halfyard

Ha. Matt. My anti-Disney-Fu has been long honed and practiced. I'm going to hold out as long as I can.


If I had a Top 100 Under-rated movies list, Outland would be on it somewhere. It's a solid, well-made sci-fi thriller. I wouldn't call it 'trash'.


Fair enough. Trash isn't the right word. It pales in comparison to the films it is clearly emulating (Alien, High Noon, etc.) but you are right. The film is gritty and entertaining and I heart Peter Boyle in just about anything, but the film is far from perfect and clunky at times too.

Hey, I'm a big fan of the film. I like the idea behind it. Bad choice of words indeed..

John Allison

Thanks for mentioning Miller's Crossing and playing the score at the end. I've been dieing to see it again now for the past two days.

First Snow is a half decent noir thriller. Its not amazing or anything but its worth a watch.