Cinecast Episode 68 – Wanna See Something Really Scary?

this episode:
The Cinecast is MOVING!?, Movie review extravaganzza (5 film reviews), DVD picks and tangents.

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Show notes for Cinecast Episode #68

  • Intro music: :00 – 3:15
  • Opening remarks (Movie Club Podcast): :31 – 5:49
  • Big Announcement: 5:50 – 15:20
  • Beowulf: 15:21- 34:23
  • Southland Tales: 34:23 – 48:33
  • Lars and the Real Girl: 48:34 – 1:04:16
  • No Country for Old Men: 1:04:17 – 1:42:50
  • – – Gosford Park tangent/fight: 1:29:05 – 1:32:09
  • Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead: 1:42:51 – 1:19:52
  • DVD picks: 2:10:17 – 2:17:01
  • Random thoughts: 2:17:02 – 2:22:12
  • Closing remarks: 2:22:13 – 2:26:21
  • Outro music: 2:18:20 – 2:27:26

Bumper Music by “CCR” and “GnR”

New Movie Club Podcast:

Check out our newest podcast with the guys from and Marina from You can stream or download both episodes #1 and #2 RIGHT HERE.

This month we discuss:
Gimme Shelter
Duck You Sucker.

Be prepared! Next month we dig into:
Escape from New York
Last Man on Earth

The Big News:

Kurt and Andrew have joined forces with Jonathan from Cinema Fusion, John from FilmGrotto and Marina from MadAboutMovies to create the next evolution in Cinema Pleasure:

Come join us in the third row…

Listen in for more details.

Movies we saw this week:


Merlin (IMDb)

Southland Tales:

Andrew’s review

Lars and the Real Girl:

Andrew’s review

No Country for Old Men:

Andrew’s review
Kurt’s review

Cormac McCarthy’s Novel (worth a look):

Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead:

Andrew’s review
Kurt’s review

Michael Shannon (IMDb)

Marissa Tomeii (age 43 and smokin!)

DVD Picks of the Week:

ANDREW – Rescue Dawn:
Andrew’s review
Kurt’s review

KURT – Silip:
Kurt’s review

or option B:

Nosferatu (masters of cinema edition)

Other Random Stuff:

  • One brief mention again of the problems with American Gangster.
  • Amending top 10 scaries moments from Cinecast Episode #66 to include the opening sequence with Dan Aykroyd in Twilight Zone: The Movie.
  • Kurt’s poor parenting skills.
  • KBT Screening possibilities.


Stop by and join the fray! Feel free to plop right down in the third row with us and dive into movie discussion galore.

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Matt Gamble

You guys cover way to much crap for me to compile even a semi-decent comment. Deal.